Nutrition Scholarships

Use this directory of nutrition scholarships to find tuition assistance opportunities for your nutrition program that fit your unique situation. If you are starting a traditional or online nutrition program, search for renewable scholarships, which can pay for your schooling year after year as long as you continue to meet the requirements set out by the sponsoring organization. You should also search by state if you are just starting, to make sure you choose an area where nutrition scholarships are available. If you have already been in your nutrition program for multiple terms, consider searching by minimum required GPA, as many scholarships require students to perform well academically to be eligible. Regardless of where you are in your nutrition studies, searching by ethnicity and enrollment level can find you money for which your ethnic heritage or number of years in school are qualifying criteria.

Continue searching for scholarship money beyond this directory. Other scholarship opportunities are available through state organizations, national entities, and individual schools. If you cannot find any of these opportunities locally, search for nutrition scholarships online, as well.

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Identify Trends in Nutrition Scholarships

Most scholarships related to nutrition focus on agricultural education and consumer science.. Food science is also a popular field for scholarship money, as is dietetics, but to a lesser extent. General nutrition scholarships are not very common in comparison, and while some do exist, nutrition majors are often grouped with other biological science majors for these awards. As a result, these scholarships are more competitive than the other specialized scholarships.

Regardless of which specialization you choose to pursue, nutrition scholarships are not as generous as those of some other fields. Most scholarships pay between $1,000 and $2,000, whereas other disciplines offer more than $2,000 per scholarship on average. Regardless of scholarship size, every dollar you receive in scholarship funds is a dollar that you will not have to pay back in loans later, so search aggressively and apply to a broad range of general and nutrition-specific scholarships to increase your chances of securing funding..

Key Nutrition Scholarships

Institute of Food Technologists Junior/Senior Scholarship

This scholarship is offered by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT). Sophomores, juniors, and seniors are eligible to apply, and students interested in this scholarship must demonstrate academic excellence, as evidenced by college transcripts. This scholarship is only available to students at IFT-approved institutions, so make sure your school qualifies before applying for this scholarship. The average award for this scholarship is $1,000.

Mildred B. Davis National Graduate Fellowship

This fellowship is overseen by the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (AAFCS), and is targeted at students who want to major in nutrition at the graduate level after completing a bachelor’s degree. The monetary award for this scholarship is $5,000, with an additional $1,000 in support for AAFCS membership and participation in the annual AAFCS conference. This fellowship is highly competitive, and is awarded to only one student per year.

Directory of Nutrition Scholarships